Tuesday, July 6, 2010

hi ... nice to meet u blogger

woohoo ~~

since when i didnt wrote anything in my blog ~haha ^^
it was last year ~~ omg ~~

so once again, im back !!!! hehe ^^
hi, blogger... nice to meet u ~~ haha ^^

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Depressed !!!!!!!!!!

sigh ~~!!!! damn it !!!!!!!!! wth ~~ omg !!!!!!!!!!!

i dun know what i want to type and tell now !!!!!!!!!!!!

moody now !!!!!!!!!! just wanna to scream ~~ >.

Monday, August 24, 2009


now i was in holiday, i still left around one week ... along this holiday, i thinked many or dozen of things !!!!!!!!!! i thinked about my college life, personalities, social life....
i found that im really a lousy person ... i found that my life was messed ... maybe im an overthinker... is it this is my problem or others ???
i heard my friends said, scorpion hard to express their feelings to others... and yet i am ... perhaps it is ... i think i have a barrier who hurted me so bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!! this make me breathless ... i had a group of best friends who were really close to me, we talked, shopped, and do whatever that girls or best friends suppose to do ... but finally, i found that they had their own secret ... why ??? now even like net friends also same .... im freaking give up everthing !!!!!!!!!! is it im untrusted ???? i really want the answer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
when i was thinked of this, i cried .... i need someone that understand me .....
signing off, Yvonne

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i need u !!!!!!!

i really need u !!!!!!! please accept me ~~ haha

"u" is not a person, is an object ... what is it ??? let me tell u ... that is hospital !!!!!!! lolx

haha ^^ got za dao ma ??? lolx ... somehow ~~

i had been study Diploma in Pharmacy quiet long and this is my second year and im looking for an internship position at every Hospital Pharmacy Department ... but then why u all havent approve or reply me ???? i was very nervous now !!!!!!! can u all faster tell me the answer ??? sigh ~~ if not i will be kill by miss Yean ~~ then i really die that time ~~ sigh !!!!!

ok ~~ im just 3 8 ing around ... can ignore me ~~ lolx ... but hope u all enjoy my sites lo ~~ haha ^^ i will update my blog often ~~ lolx .. haha ^^

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fans Gathering with Alvin 7/8/2009

wa ~~ i had been long time didnt update my blog ... now somewhat got times to update ~~

7/8/09 was the best friday ever cause we had a nice gathering with Alvin Chong Chean Wah .. lolx ... he really friendly, nice to his fans (us) ... he really 3 8 ~~ haha ^^ or im the even more 3 8 ~~ maybe ... lolxx ...

this is the first time i join a fans club and having a gathering with "strangers" ... haha ^^ cause never met before ... haha ^^ but then we communicate well .. maybe i spread some 3 8 ~ness signal to them then they all also start 3 8 le ~ ... (p.s: u all must thanks me) lolxx

i know cw, elsa, mj(lollipop), wooi,yuli, jane, tom, hon hon, camelia, wenshin, huiyee, amilia, ALVIN ... lolxx ... they all were nice and friendly .... but everyone keep on "zha" and deng me !!!! lol .... very bad ~~

lollipop eat wasabi with sushi !!!!!!!! i think damn hot !!!!! cause wasabi very smelly ... so gross la ~~ but sushi must with wasabi only nice ... lolxx ... too 3 8 liao ~~

we took many funny photos at that day ~~ it was hard to decsribe with words at here ... i had no soft copy ... if g0t will upload later lo ~~ lolxx ...

i sure there must be another gathering soon !!!!! look forward it !!!!!!!! i wnat continue 3 8 with u all !!!!!!!!! lolxxx ...

i got privilege right ??? im the yellow color de le ~~ lolxxx .... (admins answer this question) ... lolxx ...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

new life begin again ~~

after the 2 weeks holidays, my college life begin again .... this time it seems like im in 2nd year right now and most of the subjects are heavy for me .... and my time table are pack and made me cannot breathe ...

maybe this is the challenge for me .... i will try my best to overcome it ... haha ^^

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

endless pray ~~

endless pray ~~ to him ... hope he will be fine ....
may GOD bless him ever ....

gambateh ~~

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dying !!!!!!!

past few days i studied until mad ~~ ... not sleep for whole week ... like hell ~~
but the test was ok for me ... i think the results wont so bad ... haha ^^

but i only scared for the physiology and the anatomy ... cause the lecturer really mad and i dun know what's wrong with her ... test was vert hard !!!!!!!!! only can do half only ... no confident !!!!!

haha ^^ now i already relief from "hell" and now im at "heaven" ... enjoying my life ... sleep more, play more, eat more, watch drama more ... everything MORE !!!!!!!!!!!

hope his can do well in his final ~~ all the best ~~ take good care ...